Meet Nkem Owoh ‘Osuofia’ Beautiful Daughters – See PHOTO

Nkem Owoh, popularly known as Osuofia, is undeniably an household name in the Nollywood industry. The funny nollywood actor surprised fans and business associates when he recently graced a business meeting accompanied by two of his daughters.

Nkem owoh aka Osuofia

Sources disclosed that after several years of keeping his immediate life out of public glare, the actor stepped out with his daughters during the week.

nkem owoh aka osuofia and daughters

The teenage looking daughters accompanied the hilarious Nollywood actor on a meeting to renew his MTN endorsement deal.

Guess the ladies are ripe enough for the public opinion and acceptance they would be getting from fans and allies of their dad. You never can tell, they might as well move into the nollywood industry.

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