Check Out Pictures Of The Guys Who Make Money From Dressing Up As Females In Lagos

While others are looking for jobs, three guys have found a way of putting food on their tables by dressing up like ladies and entertaining people on the streets with their style.

According to Human of Lagos, the “women wrappers” as locally called, own a comedy group and are using their method to promote the group and also make money.

men in women wrappers

Hear them;

Bruce Jenner one of them said

“Once in a while we dress like ladies, go round the street and make people laugh. We enter bars and shops, do stand up comedy and a bit of drama.

It’s a way of promoting our comedy group and we’ve gotten lots of gigs this way.”

“Me and my friends do this thing were we dress like girls once in a while and walk round our streets to make people laugh and also promote our comedy group. We were bored today and decided to do it again.

As a kid I found myself spending more time with the girls than my fellow boys. I would sometimes put on my Sister ‘s dress and ask them to refer to me as a girl. I stopped behaving like that as I got older and with lots of beating but when I got into comedy acting like a girl came natural to me and I decided to
resurrect that.

I get taunted once in a while and people call me all sorts but I laugh it off. It’s work now and As long as it puts food on the table,”

What’s your take on this?

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